Sand Digger Wasp …

This is your chance to get a one-on-one criticism with master photographer and all-around great guy Marc Muench. We’ve all seen him active in this forum, impressed by what he can do with his camera, read all his publications and we know he has no fear dishing out honest feedback.

Round 7 of Muench University is open for submissions.

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Congratulations to the winner of DSS # 109, cbbr (close up or Macro).

The following Dgrin challenge DSS # 111 (Scapes) is open for entries until Monday, September 17, 2012 8: 00 pm PDT.

We look forward to your participation but please take the time to read through the rules before submitting your entry is posted.

From the past, DSS DSS Challenge winners Challenge rules and other important DSS challenge information here.

There you are, stuck front of the computer, dreams about getting away. Well, here is your chance! Venture out without leaving the comfort of your keyboard!

A lifelong interest in landscape photography has a study of his adopted hometown Eyal Ears of Marblehead, MA led to make. As you can see, his dedication paying off!

Harryb Dgrinners, Pathfinder, and others along with Andy Williams and Marc Muench recently on Safari in East Africa. Here are some awesome wires to check out!

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