Save time with Batch exposure blending

A guest post by Nick rains.

You ever shoot a lot of shots and then never get exposure brackets around to mix them together?

Maybe not you shoot multiple exposures in the first place because you don’t want to spend hours in front of the computer mixing together the individual images. If you’re like me, the thought of individual exposure-mixing a whole load of images just not what photography is all about-I know I better images with better tonal range can result in this way, but it seems like a lot of work on the front of the computer.

What if I told you that I do most of my exposure combines automatic?

Here’s how:

You need Lightroom and a Lightroom plug-in called LR/Enfuse.

This is free to download but is limited to only work on low resolution images. The good news is that the full version is donationware and when you Discover just really how useful it is you’ll be happy to pay a modest amount. The guys who write these plugins need support-I suggest $ 10-$ 20

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