Shooting Blind

Text And Photography By Dominique Braud
Blinds let you get close to wildlife to observe and capture intricacies of behavior. While most people think of photographing waterfowl from a blind, you can use one to get great shots of all sorts of other wildlife.
Blessed with nearly 10 million acres of wetlands and a major migration route along the Mississippi flyway, my home state of Minnesota attracts innumerable species of waterfowl and wading birds, especially during the fall and spring migrations. Unfortunately, conditioned by centuries of being shot at, these birds are more apt to seek the protection of open water or the dense cover of cattails than pose for the camera. Unless you were born with webbed feet or fins on your back, getting close to your subjects may require some ingenuity. What’s a photographer to do? If the ducks won’t come to you, go to the ducks

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