Snapseed For Android Now Edits Raw DNG Files on Tablets and Smartphones

Snapseed for Android Can now edit raw photo files

When it comes to photo editing apps, Snapseed is one of the best, and the latest version includes the ability to edit raw files that are saved in the DNG format.

A while back, Android started to roll out raw capture with the Android device cameras, but many of the most popular mobile editing apps don’t support the format. Now, Snapped can read files saved as DNG (Digital Negatives), whether they’re captured natively by the device or converted to DNG from a proprietary raw format.

As a result, the raw Snapseed workflow should offer more flexibility in terms of adjusting things like white balance and exposure.

Of course, it’s still probably impractical to think that a tablet is going to take over primary photo editing duties if you’re shooting a lot of raw files. The sheer amount of storage they require is enough to nix that idea. But, it’s nice to have the options. And, as mobile raw files become more and more common, it will be nice knowing that the software can handle the files being spit out by the hardware.

Alternatively, Lightroom Mobile offers a hybrid workflow that requires you to start on the computer and create “smart previews” of the raw images from which the applied edits can be seamlessly translated.

Right now, the update only applies to Android users, but presumably an iOS version is in the works, even though there’s no official release information.

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