Snowflake brushes for Adobe Photoshop

This is a set of 4 brushes, created from real snowflake photos:

Just load unpacked file snowflake_brushes1.abr from brush panel, and they will append to list of current brushes. In case if this file is not compatible with some Photoshop versions, it can be easily re-created from files in folder PNG\ with Photoshop command Edit -> Define brush preset.

After applying brush properties: Shape dynamics -> size and angle jitter, Scattering – Scatter and Other dynamics -> opacity jitter, they will produce results like this:

Snowflake brushes example 1

…and they can be useful for creating seamless patterns and backgrounds in few minutes:

Snowflake brushes example 2

This brush set is free for non-commercial use (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license).

Real snowflake photos in album Snowflakes and snow crystals.
Also i wrote article about snowflake macro photography.

The keys to december

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