Snowflake flash drives from USB Memory Direct

An American company USB Memory Direct specializes in producing USB flash drives with custom shape, color and print on drive’s surface, and has been a leader in the industry for over fourteen years. They can make flash drive case from many materials: plastic, metal, silicone, rubber, and even wood and leather. The company offers wide range of drive shapes and designs – more than 50, and will even make exclusive shape, based on drawing or sketch that you’ll provide them!

For my order, i instantly selected these twist drives: this nice hexagonal shape is great for snowflake design. For logo background, i’ve picked silhouette of big snowflake Silverware / Neon.

The result looks even better than i expected. I’m impressed by drives exclusive look:

Custom flash drives by USB Memory Direct ( white hexagonal design with light blue snowflake logo
Snowflake flash drive: angle 1

Flash drives in my order already formatted in FAT32 file system and instantly ready to work.

I like print quality very much: logo printed directly on drive case, it’s glossy, have good resolution, contrast and colors, and smooth blue/white gradient in the middle of logo looks perfectly even at magnified photo:

Snowflake flash drives by (USB Memory Direct): twist drive with hexagonal design and blue on white logo
Snowflake flash drive: angle 2

I’m very pleased by drive pack from USB Memory Direct, and certainly will make new orders in the future! I recommend this company for anyone who need custom flash drives with exclusive look and feel.

Pack of 25 custom flash drives by USB Memory Direct ( twist drives in white hexagonal design with blue logo
Pack of 25 custom flash drives by USB Memory direct

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