Some bugs out today.

First I saw this tiny little fly zipping about near the Chamilia bush. A decided to take a break. Aimed to find a rather colorful little fly. This is from the family Chloropidae (notata Thaumatomyia to be specific and also known as grass flying).

I have to admit, the grass flies and the shot by the FRY sheet are very important crops. I was using a single 12 mm Ext. tube on my 100 mm but unless I more tubes has joined, I would have to cut it to indicate these guys a little more in detail.

While other lining, I saw this leaf hopper landing. Slight adjustment and fired off another shot. Leaf hopper and something very small in the top left caught (TRIPS maybe?).

Back to the few small yellow and black flies. These are length of about 2 mm.

From one extreme to the other. A big big thick hover fly. This thing should look like the biggest “end level boss” ever to that little grass flies. This is the only shot that I could get of it.

Soon after put out another airline to say hi.

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