Splashy collisions

Thanks Jeff, PhilIMG class=”inlineimg” title=”Grin” border=”0″ alt=”” src=”http://www.photo-natural.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/wpid-icon102.gif”BRHehe no beer, plain water on this occasion.PI have not taken a picture of the set up just yet but I can easily describe./PPI am using a Splash Art Mk II kit which is basically a tritation type kit, a small electronic box that I can check the drop frequency, size etc./PPThis was to drop a few drops in a glass of wine from about 30 cm above. Behind the wine glass is a A3 5 mm thick sheet of plexi. Placed behind that my Canon 430 EX II and a Yongnuo flash YN 560 Mk III was. 2.4 Ghz transceiver on the camera and one in 430. The 560 YN has a built-in./PPEach Flash had pulled down the few wide angle flash diffuser over the Flash a little flash gel in place. I experimented with different colors from a single color a two tone. in some cases, both flashes set to the 1/16th power and on a few other shots, one on 1/16, the other at 1/32nd. In short, the leaf of Opal plexi acts as a nice big diffuser with a pretty solid background./PPI’ve bought some xanthan gum to thicken ever so slightly by the water. This which I believe will make me bigger towers and more controlled collisions./PPI get a shot of the installation as soon as possible for you./P
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