Strawberry fields

Strawberry fields, macro photo by Alexey Kljatov

Strawberry surface with seeds, taken with my usual “snowflake” macro setup (i described it in article about snowflakes).

Most interesting textures visible around nearest seed in original resolution: 2695 * 2695 pixels. Hope you like it!

Focus stacking + averaging (10 groups with different focus, each group contains 8 identical shots for averaging, 80 source shots total). The problem with this shot was that strawberry is too glossy (i put white plastic bag around berry to diffuse daylight).

Print available at:
Commercial license at

Details in 1:1 scale:

Strawberry fields - detail 1

Strawberry fields - detail 2

Google’s Deep Dream sees it that way. 🙂

Strawberry fields - deep dream

The keys to december

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