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Apex Legends’ upcoming Solos mode lets you ditch the team and go it alone

Apex Legends' three members squads are unique amongst Battle Royale shooters, allowing players to team up with friends or randomly-matched squad mates in order to have a better fighting chance against opposing attackers. However, developer Respawn Entertainment is changing things … Continue reading

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Alone in the Meadow, Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are a bull elk, there comes a time in life when you are mostly alone during the rut. The other bulls your size have become your enemies and the larger bulls are going to beat you up if … Continue reading

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Why cybersecurity alone is not enough to protect private data

2019 is set to be a landmark year in the ongoing balancing act between businesses extracting the maximum amount of data they can, and still respecting the privacy of their users. Data Privacy Day that took place on the 28th … Continue reading

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Pros an Cons of Shooting Alone Versus Being a Group Photographer?

An age-old question in life, not just photography, is are you a pack animal or a lone ranger? Everyone reading this will have their own answer to this question, it’s not even a black and white answer. In this article, … Continue reading

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