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Do the new iPhone 11 cameras bring anything new to mobile photography?

It seems that no matter how capable the competition is, everyone is still curious as to what Apple is doing with its latest phones – this year it's the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that … Continue reading

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Fool Your Family and Friends: Make Amazon’s Alexa Devices Say Anything You Want, When You Want

by Sean Setters   First and foremost, this is not a photography-related post. It’s just something fun I thought I’d share.   If you own an Alexa device (Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, etc.), and you want to have some … Continue reading

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A Helpful Checklist to Use Before Photographing Anything

If you are reading this you probably find photography exciting, maybe even so exciting that from time to time you forget changing your camera settings according to the subject you’re shooting. You have probably already missed at least one amazing … Continue reading

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