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Useful Composition Tips for Aspiring Macro Photographers

When viewing images, do you notice that close-up shots evoke a feeling of intimacy more than those taken at a distance? It’s the fact that they were taken at close range to the photographer that creates this effect. Photo by … Continue reading

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9 Tips for Aspiring Young Photographers

Photography is an amazing way to express yourself and see the world around you. It’s therefore not surprising that photography is a favorite pass time for young people. Recently I was asked to give my tips for aspiring young photographers … Continue reading

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CDLC: Photographing People & Pets for the Advanced Amateur or Aspiring Pet Photographer

From the Canon Digital Learning Center: It actually all began after meeting a new friend at a part-time job in the Philadelphia suburbs. Nick was a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and his neighbor, Bill, a Purina Chow rep, … Continue reading

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