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Astrophotography: Telescope Photography Tips

Most people love to gaze up at the night sky and enjoy the beautiful light show that nature provides; the stars, galaxies and constellations seem so close. It’s fun to imagine what earth was like millions of years ago when … Continue reading

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Italian Company Makes a Cooled Nikon D5500 for Astrophotography

Italian company PrimaLuceLab has produced a modified Nikon D5500 featuring a double Peltier cell cooling system which has been designed to minimize noise during long exposures. According to Filippo Bradaschia, PrimaLuceLab’s CEO, the “Nikon D5500a Cooled” includes the following features:  Cooling … Continue reading

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Astrophotography Made Simple

There may not be a more challenging subject matter for photographers than astrophotography. When I first began making photographs, I had an elusive and challenging goal which was to make a photograph of the moon. 13 years later (has it … Continue reading

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