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Tutorial: Back Button Focus to Speed Up Your Photography

While the default way to lock focus is by pressing the shutter release button half-way, the back button focusing method decouples the focus function from the shutter release button. Many photographers have divided opinions on this matter but the conclusions … Continue reading

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The Kodak Extra Is a “Photography First” Smartphone With a Real Shutter Button

Gear It’s based on a classic design from the 1940s. Kodak’s new smartphone is meant to look and feel like a camera. Popular Photography

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4 Reasons to Never use the Delete Button on Your Camera

I was walking around a wild horse range in Utah this past summer, backing up, shifting one way then the other, looking for my shot, composing and recomposing when I almost stepped on this: I freaked out. Very quietly, since I … Continue reading

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3 reasons why you should switch to Back Focus button

Photographer and author James Brandon is about some of the topics of his ebook Tack sharp currently on sale over at Snapndealsby James BrandonThis article was written to expand on some of the key points in my ebook Tack sharp: … Continue reading

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