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Another browser is offering a free VPN – but with a catch

Downloading a separate VPN app to protect your devices online can be an added hassle for consumers which is why Opera recently added a free VPN to its browser. However, Tenta, another company that includes a free VPN service with … Continue reading

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Interesting Photo of the Day: Splitting the Catch

Whales in some parts of the world have learned to follow the noise and activity of fishing boats in order to catch any herring near them. When the boats’ nets begin to close, the whales recognize what’s happening and take the … Continue reading

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How to Create Catch Lights in Your Natural Light Portraits

What is a catch light, and why you should have it in your portraits? A very popular technique in portraiture – a catch light is a spark of light in your subject’s eyes. This spark will help you to draw … Continue reading

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DPP v.4.4.0 & EOS Utility Updates Now Available… But there’s a Catch

With the EOS 80D soon to be hitting doorsteps across the country, we expected that a new version of Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility would be released with added support for the new DSLR. Unsurprisingly, we were right. What was … Continue reading

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