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Lighting 102 Has Been Completely Updated

Hey folks, Thank you for your patience as we worked to fold the newly revised Lighting 102 module into the site, with all of the requisite cross-linking, etc. I know this probably resulted in a flurry of emails and RSS … Continue reading

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Twitter Stickers Are a Fun Way to Completely Ruin Your Photos

News Have you ever thought all your photos needed cartoon sunglasses? You’re in luck! In a move clearly aimed at competing with Snapchat, Twitter has introduced #stickers that can be plastered on shared photos… Popular Photography

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The New Flickr Uploadr is Completely Useless [for Me, at Least]

by Sean Setters A couple of weeks ago my work laptop went kaput (SSD failure). And while I had a relatively recent backup of my entire system, what I didn’t have was an install file for the Flickr Uploadr program I’ve … Continue reading

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