The Really Right Stuff Radical Rig

Having a selection of RRS parts is a bit like having a pile of Legos. Once you get started, you just want to keep building (and you find yourself “needing” more parts).
During an evaluation, I decided to put most of the items I was working with together into one setup. And, thought I’d share it with you. Supported in the Radical Rig are:

Used for support in the Radical Rig are:

While the rig looks cool, it is surprisingly usable. And, the gear is truly impressive.
Here is the back view:
Really Right Stuff Radical Rig Back View
Based on what you see here and knowing what I’ve already reviewed, you can likely figure out what the next review subject is.
Crazy rigs of course need a name. I decided to call this one the RRS Radical Rig with “Extravahead” in the running. Sean had some other good ideas – please share your own alternative name suggestions with us.
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