The Sony A6300 is the ultimate crop sensor camera

The Sony A6300 is the ultimate crop sensor camera

Sony has been on a hot streak introducing the world’s first full frame cameras with its A7 lineup, but it hasn’t forgotten about its APS-C family and now it’s introduced a new Sony A6300.

The new Sony A6300 features a 24.2MP sensor and more impressively, 425 phase detection auto focus points to make it a sports shooting power house. Sony’s new APS-C camera also can focus at an incredibly quick 0.05 seconds and track fast moving action across the entire frame.

The A6300 is also capable of 11fps continuous shooting. For users who need to track a subject across the frame, it also supports continuous live-view framing up to 8fps.

On the video front, the A6300 full delivers with built-in 4K video recording as well as 120fps for slow motion.

Later this March the A6300 will release with a starting price of $ 999 (about £687, AU$ ,1,410).


In addition to the new A6300, Sony has also announced a whole new line of full frame lenses designed for enthusiast and professional photographers.

Starting off with three new lenses, Sony users will soon have access to a 24-70 f2.8 zoom lens, 85mm f1.4 portrait lens, as well as a super-zoom 70-200mm f2.8 GM with image stabilization.


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