Tips for Posing Grooms: Wedding Photography

If you’re a wedding photographer, individual portraits of the bride and the groom in their wedding attire are some of your must-have shots. In this video, photographer Vanessa Joy demonstrates some easy posing techniques for grooms to guarantee your clients look their very best in their wedding portraits:

“Men want to look more powerful, as opposed to women who tend to want to look more dainty in the photos.”


When shooting a groom, try using an angle that is slightly lower than eye-level; he’ll be looking down at the lens. This angle is often used to make a subject look powerful.

how to pose a groom for portraits


As a general rule, men tend to look their best when they’re in a relaxed pose. Have the groom lean against a wall or a railing, put one foot up, hands in pockets with thumbs sticking out—that’s the kind of pose that tends to be most flattering.

posing tips for grooms

Men usually look their best in relaxed poses.

Position the groom so that the light is coming more from the side. Side lighting brings out a bit more contrast, which brings out rugged features.


If the lighting is good and the posing is perfect, it’s also a good time to photograph details: the wedding ring, the cufflinks, the tie, the tie-pin.

Wedding photography posing tips

Camera Settings

Camera settings certainly need to change depending on the lighting conditions and the kind of result that you’re after, but Joy used the following manually dialed in settings for this shoot: 1/800 of a second, f/2.5, ISO 400, and WB 6500. She didn’t use external lighting.


Unlike with brides who have a bouquet, which opens up a plethora of photo ideas, with grooms you have to do the best you can with what they’re wearing. Have him sling his jacket over one shoulder. Don’t let the other hand dangle by itself as it will look awkward–ask him to put it in his pocket. Even the positioning of the feet tend to add to the overall quality of the image.

How to pose a groom for his wedding portrait

Groom photos

If you choreograph these poses enough times in your mind so that they become muscle memory, you’ll save lots of time and make your subjects look great. What would you do with an extra hour of shooting time at a wedding?

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