Trade Secret cards in attractive Industries-a Review

A post by: Jeff Guyer

The Chase Jarvis Portraits set takes you behind the scenes on the lighting solutions for several national and international campaigns.Trade secret Flash maps by Nice Industries-lighting tips for on the go!

If you talk with five different photographers, you get five different answers to the question, “what is the most important part of photography?” A would tell you correct exposure, while others insist maybe the composition. Numbers three and four might argue the need to connect with the subject, but if the self-styled fifth photographer in this round table, I have to insist on lighting.

Of course, there is no right answer. The truth is, they all play a vital role in the successful photography. We can debate the meaning of “successful” another time, but for me it really comes down to know how to see the light and make it work for you.

As both photographer and photography teacher I have a lot of books about lighting in recent years. Some have been great and really elevated my photography, always well behaved friends on the shelf. Others are epic disappointments. Regardless of the success or failure, however, I welcome them all for the effort. Tried them all to something new to the conversation.

An unfortunate reality that all these books share, however, is that you really can’t take them with you on a shoot. Think about it. The last thing you need is to stand there for a client, basically saying, “I’ll be with you in a minute. I just have to look up something. ” Secondly, even if you are on your own for future customer work experimenting, just a lighting book along with you from dragging on site is cumbersome and inconvenient.

That’s why I love this Trade Secret maps of Nice industries.

trade-secret-cards-001These books we talked about his full set useful lighting diagrams, side-by-side with anecdotes and instruction of the photographers about how they set up the shots. But what if you could have all that great information in a convenient, easy-to-use package?

Trade Secret cards offer just such a package and are available in two sets: Strobist or Chase Jarvis portrait Sessions. Each contains 24 high-gloss “trading cards” with a photo on one side, along with the diagram lighting and a “How-She-Got-the-Shot” story on the other.

The Strobist set runs the gamut of portraits to products to landscapes to light painting, and a lot of cool things in between. Each of the 24 photographers lighting diagrams and tips were carefully selected to help your lighting to the next level. The set Chase Jarvis gives you a front row seat, as he you a collection of portrait sessions he designed and shot for both his own work, as well as the various national ad campaigns, including the Hasselblad Masters Series.


Each deck of 2.5 x 3.5? wallet-sized cards gives you instant access to quality tips and information aimed at a single goal

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