Two days remain to get a free Google Home with BT fibre broadband deals

A few weeks ago, BT released a fibre freebie that we've been consistently shouting about since it appeared. The offer of a free Google Home with top BT broadband deals. But with just two days remaining, there isn't long left to grab this offer.

With the pretty persuasive incentive of a FREE Google Home (worth £129) coming to an end this Thursday at midnight, this offer requires some snappy decision making. The speaker bonus is available with BT's affordable Superfast fibre 1 package

Upgrade to the Superfast fibre 2 package and BT will throw in a £30 pre-paid Mastercard on top. Combined with BT's fast fibre speeds and some pretty affordable pricing and these BT offers are some of the best on the market right now.

You can see both of these packages down below so you can compare prices and speeds. Or if neither packages quite works for you, check out our guide to the best broadband deals currently on the market. 

BT's fibre broadband deals with free Google Home

What to expect with a Google Home

When it comes to the best smart speakers available right now, the Google Home easily makes the list. Through a combination of brilliant audio, voice control and the speakers great sound, Google has made a top of the line audio system. Play songs, ask questions and set automatic routines to simplify your daily routines.

If you like the idea of getting this smart assistant but aren't that won over by the BT plan, then be sure to check out our dedicated Google Home prices guide.

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