Used RRS BH-40 Ball Head (OB) – $329.95 Shipped (Compare at $415.00 New), More Used RRS Deals

B&H has a Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ball Head with Full-Size Lever-Release Clamp (Condition: OB) available for $ 329.95 with free shipping. Compare at $ 415.00 new.
This is an open box item that comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty. The BH-40 is a great little head – the full RRS goodness wrapped up in a little package.
If you miss the first deal, there is a 9+-rated Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ball Head with Compact Lever-Release Clamp available.
B&H has many other great RRS items in their used department, including a Universal Leveling Base with Clamp (OB).

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