Video: Tips for Doing Architecture Photography

When you’re out and about walking around and shooting in the city, one of the most common things you can do is some architecture photography. The buildings don’t mind having their photo taken, they don’t move, and are interesting subjects to work with.

Here are a few videos showcasing some architecture photography and tips for doing it.

10 architecture images from COOPH

In this video, we’ll get you inspired by looking at 10 stunning architecture shots from the COOPH community.

Did you enjoy those images? Let’s dig into some tips now.

Quick tips for architecture photography

In this video, photographer Peter McKinnon puts two minutes on the clock. Then he gives you as many tips as he can get out in that time frame on shooting architecture.

Lastly tips from Adorama TV

Finally, here are some tips from Doug McKinlay to help you do better architectural photography. He talks about composition, what lenses to use, using a tripod, getting sharp images, and more in this video.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any additional tips for doing architecture photography to share with others? Please tell us in the comments area below.

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