Website Designs that are People-friendly are Google-friendly

PGoogle has always had the goal of making sure that their search engine provides the most relevant results to searchers. Through the use of algorithms, Google determines how related a site is when an Internet user completes a search for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. Recently, though, Google has made some very drastic changes to its algorithms. These updates have left many unaware website owners wondering how to make their sites appear on Google searches./PPIMG src=”” width=580 height=296/PPInterestingly enough, these changes actually help website designers and developers. As a designer or developer, hopefully you know about adding keywords to meta data within a website design. Even though many are crying “SEO is dead”, this is only partly true. What is dead are non-organic methods of link building. Websites still need to optimize their designs with keywords in meta data simply as a way to help Google better know what a website offers. However, now, as Andrew Smith in his article on Usabilla points out, the website design, the content as a whole, and social media activity now all have very large parts to play in Google algorithms. In other words, usability is key in creating a Google approved website./PPWebsites need to have designs that are built for those who are interested in their content

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