Wedding Photographer’s Point of View

Wedding photography is both emotional and powerful, and the images produced provide a constant reminder of one of the most important events in our lives. When taking photos, it’s rarely a “what you see is what you get” kind of moment. It’s important that the photographer knows exactly what he or she is doing. To further illustrate this point, professional wedding photographer Tom Harmon created this amazing behind-the-scenes video showing what it’s like behind the camera as a wedding photographer:

Wedding photography is a unique experience; each event offers its own surprises, logistics, and emotions. In order to capture both the wedding photography and his point of view video, Harmon opted to strap on a GoPro video camera. The edited video skips around the event, highlighting key moments from throughout the day. Most importantly, it delivers specific details showing where the resulting images were captured.

bride preparations photography

The bride getting ready for the big event

Obviously the video doesn’t capture the entire day’s events. Nor does it showcase the timeframes where the photographer is setting up camera flashes, tripods, or making other preparations. Nonetheless, it does provide a great mashup of what it’s like on the day of a wedding as a photographer.

wedding portrait photography

This unique perspective provides insight into just how much the photographer does to capture these memories in the best light.

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