What Makes a Photographer a Photographer?

With the technology of photography having evolved in leaps and bounds, with the whole process of image making having become inherently simple, the distinction between a photographer and an amateur camera-wielder has simply vanished. What was once nothing short of magic has become commonplace. But has that improved the quality of photography? If image making is all that simple, what distinguishes a photographer from an amateur? Is there any difference at all?

Erik Wahlstrom is on a journey to find the answer.

what is a photographer

In the process he tries to explain his own decision to move from digital to film photography in an apparent attempt to avoid the digital cold war.

It’s a constant struggle to justify shooting in a manner that is clichéd. Film photography, in that sense, gave him the reason to continue shooting and in a way few people are doing it.

what is a photographer in 2017

Wahlstrom’s conclusion comes down to a simple question:

“Do you think you’re a photographer? Then you probably are.”

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