What to do when a Sony Firmware Update Leaves only a Little Red Access Light Illuminated on the Back of an a7R III or Other Camera

Installing a Sony firmware update on an alpha a7R III and other similar series cameras involves downloading the updated firmware, connecting the camera to the computer via a USB cable and executing the downloaded software. When instructed to do so, the software does its task, leaving the camera in an updated state.
I need to clarify that last statement: it leaves the camera in an updated state if all goes as desired. After attempting to install Sony a7R III Firmware v.1.10, my camera had only a little red access lamp illuminated on the back. While that was concerning to me, cycling the camera power fixes most camera (and computer) problems and I immediately took that option. Unfortunately, the light remained on. Especially with the buggy early firmware of the a7R II, I wasn’t worried. I simply removed and reinserted the (fully charged) battery. Still, the only sign of life was the red light.
I was leaving for a more than 1 week long photo trip the next day. I have backup cameras that I could have taken instead of this one, but I didn’t have any more Sony cameras and I intended evaluate some Sony lenses while traveling. Right, installing updated firmware just before leaving wasn’t the brightest idea, but things are crazy here and … that was when I found time to get the task done.
Anyway, what you really want to know is “What should I do when a Sony firmware update leaves only the red access light illuminated on the back of the camera?” Re-installing the firmware upgrade, potentially multiple times, (usually) solves this problem. It was that easy for me and hopefully it will be that easy for you.
I don’t know why the firmware update failed the first time but worked the second time and that is a problem (and a waste of time and energy). But, that the camera was working again in a short period of time was … sweet. And now, if you experience the same problem, you will know what to do.

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