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Spotted what I thought was a rather stupid small Mongoose wasp just below the orbweb spider walk around a Araniella sp.. Took a few shots of the low power and then just as I was changing the magnification on the lens, there was a flurry of activity that I only managed to catch the half decent shot, before the WaSP flew away and the spider has an emergency bail out and ended several inches below the web on an emergency wire.
I thought initially ok, the spider missed the WaSP but look # 2 that the WaSP actually sees if it look like is in an egg laying position and there is a “tube” near the spider. I suspect that in fact that the WaSP might be one of the polysphinctus SP. wasps that actually lay a egg remotely araniella sp spiders. Last shot is an old shot of one of these spiders caryying the larva external parasite.

Brian V.

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