Will Your Camera Lens Last Over 100 Years? You Decide

French photographer Mathieu Stern has an unusual hobby. He loves pairing old lenses with modern digital cameras to shooting images and videos. Recently he paired a large format lens, originally made in 1880, with his Sony A7II. In this video he shares the results, both videos and stills:

It was some work pairing the two together before he could start shooting pictures. He first had to use cardboard pieces to keep the lens tightly blocked inside a M42 ring mount. (Via PetaPixel)

shooting with a 136 year old lens

Strips of cardboard blocking the lens inside a M42 ring mount

He then added several M42 macro tubes and a Helicoidal ring to it.

mounting a large format lens to mirrorless camera

With the macro tubes and the helicoidal ring

The ring was screwed on to a M42 to NEX adapter ring, finally enabling the contraption to be focused. The whole thing was then was attached to a Sony A7II.

Sony A7II with large format lens

The lens was then mounted on a Sony A7II

Watch the video above to see the beautiful results he achieved with this fantastic piece of glass.

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