You can now pre-order GoPro’s 360-degree VR rig

You can now pre-order GoPro's 360-degree VR rig

If you’ve been tracking the progress of GoPro’s Omni VR camera then you’ll want to know that the rig is now up for pre-order – if you’ve got the cash to slap down. The Omni costs £4,199.99 in the UK and $ 4,999.99 in the US.

That high price isn’t too surprising, considering you get six Hero4 Black cameras packed into the frame for capturing 360-degree video in real-time. The rig can be powered using its on-board batteries or an external power supply.

At the same time GoPro has opened up a dedicated platform for sharing and viewing VR content – there are iOS and Android apps as well as a web portal, so you can quickly get your films in front of an audience (if you don’t want to use YouTube).

Included in the box

Pixel-level synchronisation ensures a smooth, spherical video output and you can use the bundled Kolor software to get your content from camera to audience. The maximum recording format is 8K spherical resolution (7940 x 3970 pixels) at 30 frames-per-second.

You also get six 32GB microSD cards, a rugged waterproof carry case, a smart remote, a battery charger and a seven-port USB hub for your money. Just want the rig without the cameras? That’ll be £1,299.99 or US$ 1,499.99.

While the Omni is a big step up from something like the Gear 360, its extra capabilities should match its extra price – if you want something even more expensive, try the GoPro Odyssey. As yet, the company hasn’t revealed when the Omni pre-orders will ship.

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