12 great Boxing Day sales deals you can still buy

Boxing Day is over. You're either back at work, or dreading the thought of having to return. But that doesn't mean you've missed your chance for a bargain – as you've seen on our main Best Boxing Day Deals page we've spent days scouring the retailers for the best deals around.

That page is still chock-full of live deals, but we've decided to help those in a rush. This simple top 12 list is the cream of the crop in our eyes, the deals that we've had to either stop ourselves buying (for fear of having no food in January) or have caved and treated ourselves with.

More deals still available

There are many more deals still to be had out there. Actually most of the ones we found yesterday are still going strong. That's fantastic news if you didn't have time to get online yesterday. So why not take that much deserved rest and take a look at our full roundup all the best Boxing Day sales and deals.

Top retailer quick links

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