BeesFree is a technology company with global reach that develops and markets innovative solutions for the community of beekeepers worldwide. Embedded in 2011, BeesFree has offices in Florida, United States and all our research and development activities are carried out in laboratory facilities located in Rome, Italy.

Starting in 2008, BeesFrees founders have devoted considerable effort and resources to solve the problem effectively and economically Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), where the effects have a dramatic impact on businesses of beekeepers and families on a global scale. We have carried out numerous experiments, trials and investigations to identify what factors negatively affect honey bees healthy and improve global understanding of CCD related issues. We are currently planning to roll-out further field test projects in different countries and regions.

BeesFree has developed an innovative integrated approach intended to mitigate the effects of CCD and possibly even prevent CCD to happen altogether. Our technology is designed to work and be effective on a global scale as honey BEE Physiology and behavioural patterns are quite similar in different climatic and environmental conditions.

Since 1984, the beekeeping sector has witnessed more introduction of invasive species, including the trachea parasitic mite Acarapis woodi (identified in 1984), the parasitic mite Varroa destructor (1987), Africanized honey bees (1991), the small hive beetle Aethina tumida (identified in 1996), the Israeli acute paralysis Virus-IAPV (2007) and the Nosema ceranae (2007). Over the past 20 years, parasitic mites have caused extensive damage to the honey bees. These mites transmit viruses to bees and cause significant losses of Colony each year. Acaro losses reached catastrophic proportions during the winters of 1995/1996 and 2000/2001 when …
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BeesFree Inc. partners with Italian engineering company, Gelco to manufacture chemical dispenser BeeFree


West Palm Beach, Florida-BeesFree, Inc. (OTCBB: API) announced today that the company has partnered with leading Italian manufacturer, Gelco electronics for aerospace,

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