Broncolor: How to Shoot Dance with Motion Blur & Detail

From Karl Taylor Photography:
In this video both myself and Urs Recher look at the techniques for combining fast exposures and long exposures to create a beautiful dance portraits where we reveal both the detail frozen and the motion blur recorded. To do this we use flash and HMI lighting.
Photography Shoot Technical Details
The HMI 400 W from the right with illuminates only the back of the model. In this way, the front and the face are not affected by this light and remain dark. Because of its position the background shouldn’t get any light from the HMI either.
The Siros light focused in the Para 133 can therefore guarantee an absolutely sharp picture of the model’s front and face if the flash duration is short enough. Here on the Siros it is set to t0.1 (min) of appox 1/4000 sec.
The exposure times were between ¼ and 1/2 a second and the camera is set to rear curtain sync meaning the flash fires at the end of the camera exposure time.
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