Canon USA Enables You to Pick Your Rebate [Take 2]

Towards the end of September, Canon published their October rebates before the September rebates had expired. As luck would have it, they’ve done the same thing again for their next round of rebates.
For today and tomorrow, you can compare the two different rebate programs to see which one saves you the most money in order to make an optimally-timed purchase decision. Click here to see the October rebates. Below you can find the rebate PDFs for the upcoming programs.
Canon EOS 5Ds/5Ds R/5D III/6D [Oct 30 – Nov 19] Rebates
Canon EOS 7D II/80D/70D [Oct 30 – Nov 19] Rebates
Canon EOS Rebel-series [Oct 30 – Nov 19] Rebates
Canon EOS M3/M10 [Oct 30 – Nov 19] Rebates
Canon PowerShot [Oct 30 – Nov 19] Rebates
Canon EF Lens [Oct 31 – Dec 31] Mail-in Rebates (purchase 2 to qualify)

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