Deskundige Web ontwerpers gebruik Webydo, hier is waarom (gesponsord)

PIf you are a designer looking for a more professional solution about how to create and manage websites for your customers of these projects, then we have good news for you. There is a way where you don’t have to jump through the loops and any additional steps in your website design process and production, but simply speak to the customer, design and publishing. Yes, we’ll tell you that you can do all this without having to hire a developer or to write one line of code.BRLet us know take a moment now and introduce you to Webydo. This professional online website design platform is already being used by over 50 k professional web and graphic designers who have to date published on more than 112K Web sites. The community led design platform is growing at a rapid pace, and is picking up considerable media attention for their pro form features, attention to detail and user satisfaction./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-11948″ alt=”1″ src=”” width=”815″ height=”459″/PPWebydo the software is made in such a way that it will allow designers to focus on their designs, while the platform automatically changes that image into a fully functional website. Webydo the design studio looks and feels something like that ‘ Photoshop ‘ or ‘ InDesign ‘ so that creative professionals will be able to start working immediately without you having to struggle through a new platform to learn or feel offended by a generator DIY template.BRNot only being able to create a Web site, but allowing for designers websites fully respond in nature with cross-platform editing and cross browser capabilities, combined with the professional features, set this website creator apart from the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of this platform.BRDesigning your Website, getting startedBRWebydo you can right in the browser with a high quality professional Web design features that design offer you full control over all design elements. You can start with a blank canvas that does not contain elements that could allow your creative side to take over. You also have the option to start from a Webydo of ready-made design inspiration or take one of the basic layouts and adjust them according to your design brief./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-11947″ alt=”2″ src=”” width=”941″ height=”583″/PPDrag BRLike I said Webydo is intended for designers create high quality professional websites for their customers. Leave no stone unturned in making Webydo hence website creation a piece of cake for designers who don’t know coding or who wish to eliminate this step of the website process.BRThe drag and drop feature for Webydo you can drag and drop elements anywhere on the canvas that you want and the Webydo will ensure that that element is correct on the Web site.BRSnap to guides/PPSmart guides and snapping refer to the temporary module-to guides that pop up when you move elements on the canvas. This helps, especially beginners, to know what do different elements mean and where they should be placed for good overall design./PPIf the element you moved will the corner of another approach will align and stick to it like a magnet. This ensures that the two elements are in perfect synchronization and the edges of a don’t seem to be higher or lower than the other./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-11943″ alt=”3″ src=”” width=”941″ height=”665″/PPCross Platform CodeBRA survey has revealed that the number of people who own a smartphone is greater than the number of people who own a toothbrush! Leaves the question why that is for dentists to worry about.BRWhat you should devote attention to, is the fact that if your Web site is not using responsive design i.e. If it does not respond and fits well on different devices than you lose on millions of users.BRWebydo automatically generates the HTML code that is a cross-platform and has been updated to the latest industry standards. This ensures that the website looks good on all browsers (read-Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) and all devices (read-iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop, etc.)BRSo you can create a responsive website with Webydo without having to jump through the Bell./PPIMG class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-11944″ alt=”4″ src=”” width=”941″ height=”665″/PPAdvanced design featuresBRWebydo the software where designers designing Web sites comes with advanced design features so designers find no difficulty in producing what they want on the screen.BRThese features include a grid generator, smart guides and snapping, window layers, text caption for photos and galleries, the option to design high-quality shapes, corner radii and other properties of elements, such as line fill or shadow. That should be enough.BRBuild your brandBRTo be known and remembered you need to display your company name and logo in places, as much as possible

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