Friendly Deer Photobombs Outdoor Newborn Portrait Session

Meticulous planning and work ethic definitely sets you up for success as a photographer, but amazing, career-defining photographs aren’t always captured as the result of careful planning and dedication. Sometimes, you just get lucky. Sometimes, Mohammed Ali approaches you with a play punch and you just so happen to have your camera ready. Sometimes, lightning strikes just as a runner with the last name of “Bolt” crosses the finish line and you’re there to click the shutter.

And sometimes, a curious white-tailed deer photobombs your outdoor newborn portrait session:

Portrait photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was conducting a photo shoot with a one month-old baby named Connor in Sam Houston Jonas State Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana when the park’s resident tame doe, Maggie, wandered into the frame to investigate. The child’s mother whipped out her phone and captured the above video while Rion continued her work.

Posted by Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion on Friday, October 23, 2015

Maggie is three years old. As a fawn, local wildlife rehabilitators found her injured in the park, so they rescued and raised her. She was released back into the wild once she came of age, but she remains friendly to humans and often approaches visitors.

Rion visits the park often to photograph clients with Maggie, always bringing along apples and seeds as payment, and she plans to continue the partnership as long as Maggie keeps showing up.

“It’s pretty amazing to look back at a picture where she cooperated,” Rion told local news outlet KPLC. “She’s very magical, [there’s] kind of almost like a ‘Snow White in the woods’ kind of feel to her.”

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