Gorillapod Review

There are tons of full size tripods to chose from but what about pocket cameras? Most of the time you don’t want a full size tripod with a smaller camera but there are times when you need the stability of a tripod. Well, JOBY has a solution to your dilemma. The original Gorillapod is a small tripod for lightweight cameras that not only works on a tabletop but can be bent and twisted to hald onto almost any surface. Full review of JOBY Gorillapod if(zs>0){if(zSbL250)gEI(“spacer”).style.height=Math.floor(e[0].height/12)+17.5+’em’;else{var zIClns=[];function walkup(e){if(e.className!=’entry’){if(e.nodeName==’A’||e.style.styleFloat==’right’||e.style.cssFloat==’right’||e.align==’right’||e.align==’left’||e.className==’alignright’||e.className==’alignleft’)zIClns.push(e);walkup(e.parentNode)}}walkup(e[0]);if(zIClns.length){node=zIClns[zIClns.length-1];var clone=node.cloneNode(true);node.parentNode.removeChild(node);getElementsByClassName(“entry”,gEI(“articlebody”))[0].insertBefore(clone,gEI(“spacer”))}}}};zSB(2);zSbL=0

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