Interesting Photo of the Day: Aerial View of a Lone Surfer

The invention of the drone definitely has its advantages when it comes to photography. Thanks to these high flying cameras, we can now capture some stunning aerial images that we could only dream of before. And, since the cost of drones has dropped a lot, more and more professionals and amateurs can use this exciting technique to see the world from yet another point of view. It was with a drone that photographer Gabriel Scanu was able to capture this peaceful moment of a lonely surfer walking on a beach:

aerial view surfer photo

Lonely surfer on a beach by Gabriel Scanu (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Instead of the usual picture of a surfer inside the barrel, he captured a moment of complete solitude outside the water. Surfing is such a peaceful, at one with nature sport, but this is a different view of that peace—literally and figuratively.

Everything is in harmony in his picture: from the crystal blue water to the perfectly white foam it produces when touching the golden sand. A lonely surfer with his board under his arm. A well-deserved break after the menaces of the ocean that can batter you with a passing wave at any time. But now, the beach belongs to the surfer, and the surfer belongs to the beach.

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