Interesting Photo of the Day: Volcano Eruption Sparks Monstrous Lightning Storm

We recently published articles about two different instances of volcanic lightning—a phenomenon created during volcanic eruptions when ash and dust particles rub together and form static electricity. Marco Restivo documented the rare sight during one of Mount Etna’s most recent eruptions and Skarphedinn Thrainsson captured an equally epic volcanic lightning shot several years ago in Iceland.

Restivo’s and Thrainsson’s images are both epic to be sure, but the following photograph of Cordón Caulle’s June 2011 eruption, which was taken by Chilean landscape photographer Francisco Negroni in Patagonia, is downright jaw-dropping:

chile volcano eruption volcanic lightning storm

“Cordon Caulle” by Francisco Negroni (Via 500px. Click image to see full size.)

Negroni won Spain’s FOTOCAM 2011 photo contest with this image, edging out 7,449 other contestants and earning first place in the landscape category and ultimately, the competition’s grand prize. According to Sumy Sadurni of The Santiago Times, Negroni’s winnings totaled $ 7,380.

“The jury, made up of international professionals, hailed the ‘dramatic intensity’ of the picture, as well as the artistic quality and the difficult technique of taking nocturnal images.”

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