Lady Bugs and more….

Originally Posted by STRONGLord Vetinari/STRONG IMG class=inlineimg border=0 alt=”View Post” src=”” Lovely series of shots SB. BRNoticed you seem to be using rather high ISO values – what was the reason for that ? PBrian V./PThanks Brian. Couple of reasons for high-ISO… is one of the things I have to figure out how to improve though…. P1) The high ISO performance on 5D-MIII kind of spoils you as usually noise doesn’t jump out so have lost some fear of going higher with ISO….but it is a bad habit. /PP2) The bugs were milling around in most cases and everything was hand-held and with extension tubes the setup is heavy and had to be on hand and knees on ground for multiple shots which was extremely tiring, and even slight movement was rendering to a blur when I checked, so I had to maintain fastest shutter speed I could manage, but the aperture was in the way. /PP3) I wanted maximum DOF and had pushed the aperture to max of f-32 (probably another bad habit/idea). At that aperture, ISO was my only choice to push, to maintain shutter speed./PP4) Many of the areas were in a canopy with thick Redwood cover so it was literally dark, so even with a flash, needed higher ISO./PP5) I haven’t figured out the high-speed-sync mode with flash yet (embarrassing) so it was also capping the shutter speed and again ISO is all I was left with based on aperture and shutter speed need./PP6) Finally, after numerous try, the exposures that seemed worth processing were something like combination of 150+ shutter speed with flash and cutting down the f-stop by 3 full stop of under-exposure. After tying that up I am guessing I should have just gone to f-16 and reduced ISO more./PPSo will try f-16 next time with high-speed-sync and see what happens. Thanks for your help! Cheers! /P
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