Lenstag: a world without Camera theft

A post by: Jim GoldsteinPLenstag is a newly launched, free online service for iOS, Android and the web that the serial numbers of your lenses, cameras, flashes, laptops and anything else in a secure, private registry records before they are stolen./PIf one or more of your items disappear, you can immediately mark the missing items as stolen whereby a public Web pages, quickly indexed by search engines. The serial number is than can be detected by a single Google search (example: ‘ lenstag ‘ 75165) or by checking the Lenstag apps. Thanks to Lenstag the growing relationships with the pawn shop industry and law enforcement is the exchange of money for that stolen item much harder akin to trying to sell a stolen vehicle. The idea behind this service is that if everyone gets into the habit of serial numbers online check before purchasing used equipment, it gets harder and harder over time to peddle hot points and thieves will get arrested when they try to pawn them. Think of it as a DMV for camera equipment.

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