Microsoft’s Project Oxford Can Figure Out the Emotions Of People In Photos

Microsoft Project Oxford Emotion Recognition Photo Software

When it comes to looking at photos and recognizing their contents, computers are getting smarter all the time. Microsoft’s Project Oxford has a function called Emotion Recognition that analyzes a subject’s face, and then takes its best guess as to what emotion he or she may be experiencing.

Like most facial recognition technology, the software is based on an extremely complex set of algorithms that examine facial features and their relative placement on the face.

Microsoft Project Oxford Emotion Recognition Photo Software

Clicking through some of the examples on the site is pretty interesting. It seems to do a pretty good job figuring out the general gist of the emotions in the image. I uploaded a picture of myself making a small scowl and it declared that I was a little bit neutral, but mostly feeling “contempt.” I believe that.

It’s a pretty interesting technology, though no real practical uses come to mind at the moment for it.

You can give the app a try by uploading your picture to it. I didn’t read the terms of service before uploading, though, so if you’re planning to provide them with an image and you’re concerned about its copyright, you probably should.

From: Business Insider

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