Moody mushrooms

This time of year, mushrooms are everywhere and no matter how many I shoot, I’m always down on the ground again, playing with light and looking for different moods.

I don’t use artificial light, but I’m not above a little manipulation either. The sun in this shot was very harsh and so I moved a branch of the hemlock tree I was crouched under as a filter, shading the scene very slightly.

Is there no place I can hide

This next one didn’t need much in the way of help, but I did have to wait patiently for the light to shift a bit. It was wicked windy and so between clouds and shifting tree canopy, the variations came thick and fast. At last, I got what I wanted.

Those who wear the shroud

Both shot with the E-30 and the OM 90mm macro lens…aperture is probably f11 for both. I use a couple of bags of barley in a ziplock as a camera support.

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