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A post by: Darlene HildebrandtPPEarlier today I shared a collection of waterfall pictures to your weekend, and earlier this week we launched our latest dPS eBook-loving landscapes A guide to landscape photography workflow and post production. So in keeping with the theme of landscape and nature photography will the weekly photography challenge waterfalls./PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”476″By paul bica/PPEven if you live in the city you will probably find some man-made waterfalls or fountains nearby. Think outside the box. There Is a park with a stream? Maybe a babbling brook? Do some digging and find some running water and go shooting. It should not be a full on waterfall, a fountain as you want. The principals are the same./PPThe main concern when shooting a waterfall is how to capture the moving water. You have basically two approaches to choose from: freeze, or blurring. Freezing of the water gives a motionless effect, with water droplets suspended in mid air. Blurring can a dreamy, foggy look and a totally different feeling. Neither is right or wrong, they just return different results. So pick one and see what happens, or better yet, do a variety. You may be surprised with the results and which ones you prefer./PPHere are a few examples to give you ideas:/PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”427″By Kerry SandersPIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”427″By Joe parks/PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”426″By CenturionPIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”640″By zev/PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”428″By blmiers2PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”441″By Peter Roome/PIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”428″By thomas BrownPIMG alt=”” src=”” width=”610″ height=”427″By Alex Shamis/PPSimply Upload your shot in the comment field (look at the small camera icon in the comments section Disqus as shown below) and they will get embedded for all of us to see or if you’d prefer to upload them to your favorite photo sharing site and leave the link to them./PPNeed help? How about some articles on nature and waterfall photography, like this:/PPSTRONGCheck ou the latest dPS ebook/STRONG -loving landscapes A guide landscape photography workflow and post production-a brand new dPS ebook by the authors of living landscapes/P
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