Pixeo will guide you to the best photo spots in the world

If you're traveling with your camera, arriving at a new location for the first time can leave you at a bit of a loss as to what are the key spots to shoot. While it can be great to just explore a place with your camera, if you're pushed for time, you want to maximise it. 

That's where the Pixeo app comes in. This app (iOS only at the moment) relies on crowdsourced information to provide a map  photogenic locations you're near too. Tap on a pin and you'll get a preview of the nearest photo spot. You can then drill down and get details about the location, including a description and gallery of photos.

The app also allows you to share your own locations, as well as swap insights into shooting each spot, and upload your photos to the gallery for that location (with your images credited).


You can also tailor the app to suit what you like to shoot – lighthouses, abandoned buildings, and scenic vistas are all subdivided in the app, while you can also favorite a location and save it for later.   

The app is free to download, but works on a subscription service – you can either subscribe monthly at $ 2.99 (£2.17) or pay for a year at $ 24.99 (£18.17). There’s also a 30-day free trial if you want to test it out. 

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