Portraits on a cloudy day? Use a Reflector

Photographer: Sylvain Latouche. Shot with a Sony A850 and a 105cm silver circular foldable reflector.Photographer: Sylvain Latouche. Shot with a Sony A850, 85 mm lens and a circular Folding reflector 105 cm silver.

As we head into the autumn here in Australia the days are getting shorter and we are seeing more and more cloudy days. Although some will say that the weather is bad-this is one of my favorite times to shoot portraits from doors.

Cloudy days present photographers with some nice soft and even light cloudy with the taxes that serves as a great natural diffuser.

This also means that you can position your topics almost anywhere there is little direct light that can open up great creative possibilities.

One of the most important tools at your disposal to on these types of days is a reflector (they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors

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