Samsung WB250F Review

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You may question why I selected the Samsung WB250F for review after my less than positive review of the Galaxy, a camera replete with all sorts of problems like dust on the sensor, poor ISO performance and an inordinately long startup time!

My reasons: Samsung is now a major player in electronics, especially smart phones and the like, so a reasonably priced device such as this is worthy of attention.

The Samsung WB250F has an 18x zoom which begins on a usefully wide 24mm 35 SLR equivalent focal length and reaches out to a 35 SLR equivalent of 432mm.

Samsung WB250F Review rear.jpg

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Samsung has evolved its innovative Wi-Fi technology by creating SMART CAMERA 2.0: with it images and video can be sent simultaneously to a smartphone or tablet (using the Android OS) via a Wi-Fi connection.

The maximum image size is 4320

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