Say goodbye to these GoPro cameras in April

Say goodbye to these GoPro cameras in April

Following a dismal start to the year, GoPro is trimming its lineup down to three cameras.

It will stop sales of other models beginning in April, according to The Verge. Those include the Hero+ LCD, Hero+ and standard Hero, it’s cheapest camera.

The Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Session, now it’s cheapest camera at $ 199.99, are sticking around. CEO Nick Woodman also confirmed the Hero 5 is due out this year along with its Karma drone for 4K video recording (and flying, don’t forget the flying).

We’ve put in a call to GoPro to see whether it may bring these cameras back in some form or offer more than three models down the line, and we’ll update this article when we hear back. The company posted a 31% revenue drop from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015, and it’s warned investors 2016 will be a bumpy ride.

A tighter product offering and new ventures like the Karma drone may help to stanch some of the bleeding. You can check out the company’s 4K promo vid for the Karma drone below:

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