Supporting the Difficult Lives of Conflict Photographers

Propaganda has long sustained political regimes. We like to think that, today, the only people who fall for it live in faraway countries—Russia, China, North Korea—but American patriotism and politically propagated European xenophobia is just as strong, justifying airstrikes and invasions across the Middle East, along with ongoing indigenous conflicts in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America.

But, as the video below reminds us, we wouldn’t see any of it if it weren’t for conflict photographers:

This one-minute tribute comes from Reporters Without Borders (via PetaPixel) a France-based non-profit organization that supports foreign correspondents reporting from difficult countries.

supporting war photographers

Their scope is broader than photographers alone, but the video is a helpful reminder that our fundamental concept of war—the images we think of when we hear the word alone—comes from people whose lives are threatened daily. Or, as the organization puts it:

“Without independent reporters, war would just be a nice show. Support those that risk their lives to bring us the truth.”

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