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Angry Man Portrait Lighting Tutorial

This image by Karl Taylor, actually a composite of two images, uses a complex four light arrangement. It involves one beauty dish, two large softboxes, a background light and a tri-reflector. Although the word complex was used to describe it, … Continue reading

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Angry Pennsylvania Black Bear in the Rain

The 600mm focal length may not be the best for creating a sense of presence for the viewer, but … it certainly helped me to distance myself from this bear’s presence. And, I think the bear did a nice job … Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When a Gang of Angry Brides Confront an Allegedly Sketchy Wedding Photographer

I’m not big on confrontation, so watching this episode of A Current Affair in which angry couples confront an alleged deadbeat wedding photographer was rather tough. However, it really bugs me on a very personal level when wedding photographers treat … Continue reading

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